Wednesday, October 31, 2007

another sad day for the GOP, sigh.

maybe it's time for republicans to re-think their anti-gay policy, no? stop carrying on with the stupid BS that being gay is a choice, and marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and god doesn't support gay-ness. etc. ad nauseum. BECAUSE CLEARLY REPUBLICANS WHO TRY TO PRETEND THEY'RE NOT GAY CAN ONLY LAST FOR SO LONG.

here's the new face of hypocrisy, one of many in a sad, upsetting line:

he's two-term WA-state rep. richard curtis. twice he voted down legislation supporting gay rights.

before him just recently were republicans larry craig (ID) and mark foley (FL). then there was ted haggard last spring (ok, not a politician, but a prominent evangelist minister. worse).

there have been others as well. how many republicans will be forced "out" of their pathetic hypocritical closets before some GOP genius says, "huh. maybe we've got this all wrong about homosexuality"?

just the "scandalousness" of these public outings pisses me off, but any relish for these situations (we dems do love to see them roll in it) is quickly followed by sadness. check this post out at the daily kos. it says better than i can here why all the lying and hypocrisy is nothing more than a great tragedy (here's a sample):

Let's face it: the reason why we, as Democrats and progressives, reap political benefits from the gay Republican tragedy has nothing to do with our own actions.

We're not out there stirring up anti-gay rhetoric. We don't hate gays.

They do.

They think the scandal is that Larry Craig is gay, or bisexual, or whatever he is.

That's bullshit.

The scandal is that they hate gays. The scandal is that not just that they think being gay is an option, but that they think it is a repugnant option. The scandal is that they pretend that homosexuals don't exist, when clearly they do.


josh said...

what kinda self-respecting hetero man can have such an unkempt mustache? this is a real man.
i'd vote for this guy. there's no confusion where he stands on the issues.
and yes, i think that's chest hair, not a fluffy undershirt.

josh said...

damn. the link doesn't work. just copy and paste. it should end in "moustache.jpg"
i'll know better next time.

sylvia said...

i wish i had such fluffy chest hair. and you might consider a 'tache like the one in the link you posted. i wonder what that thing weighs? does it have wires in it? how else could it defy gravity the way it does???